Elite Soft Tissue Therapy
I use clinical yoga to help promote the healthy tissues in the body, increase mobility, stability and strength. After any corrective manual work generally we have to continue the movements that have caused an issue ie work, repetitive movements, hours over a desk. Using regular stretch and movement classes becomes a preventative measure to help realign, find weakness and build strength where needed to stop the cycle from repeating itself. 

I only offer one to one appointments as each class is individually written for your specific needs, limitations and ability, and small corrections to your posture could not be focused on in a group setting.

What is clinical yoga?

Yoga is generally a whole body, mind and spirit discipline, which originated in ancient India. Using breathing techniques, exercise, postures and meditation. There are many types of yoga and over recent years has morphed into many “fads” which are not taught correctly and actually cause issues, pains and injury. With the boom of online classes or YouTube videos the beginner can create negative body patterns by not correctly using these postures.
The main aim for most people taking up yoga is to be more flexible and a lot of the practice is focused on increasing a range of movement at a joint to “prove” it works. If you have any joint instability this will only exacerbate any underlying issue you have and cause pain especially in the hyper mobile client. 

Clinical yoga uses basic postures to increase strength at the end of range, this protects joints creating a bigger and more controlled range of movement. This is the result that helps us move well and into old age!
As we age the production of collagen slows, which decreases bone density and the quality of cartilage inbetween our joints, especially in women approaching menopause with lowered oestrogen levels speeding up this bone degradation.  So building strength specifically around joints helps combat these deficiencies. With clinical yoga you don’t need to sign up to a life of Vegan-ism, there is no chanting or chakras, it is an hour of gentle movement, stretching and stability work with mindfulness a big part of this as you need to concentrate on you for the hour! 

With regular  sessions these benefits build, and as your strength and mobility increase there is infinite progressions available and all individually assessed.

The sessions are layed out in a “normal” exercise pattern

-Breathing, using our breath to control the systems in the body, normalise blood pressure, increase oxygen consumption, decrease anxiety, enhance mood, mental focus and stress tolerance. 

-Warm up, using body flows and salutations, which are very gentle movements from one position to another which wakes the body up, increases circulation, boost your energy levels, increasing your heart rate, regulating the circulatory system, increasing oxygen levels and lubricating the joints.

-Postures, working on postures slowly and correctively holding for a length of time to build strength at that end of range, we always work to your ability and every class is mapped for you so anything you have trouble with can be adapted to get you to the end result without pain or risk of injury.

-Cool down, moving to strength work, mat work or even seated postures dependant on your individual needs, ability or goal.

-Relaxation, ok, there is no chanting, but we still finish using relaxation techniques to allow the body and nervous system time to de-stimulate and calm, re center, relax and let go of tension. This includes the art of mindfulness that will hopefully translate into all parts of your day to day living once you are used to the practise. 

I also offer a functional movement over zoom service, whether you have a home gym, workout using joe wicks, feel you are not getting the best out of your workout or have concerns about form. I can make corrections remotely after watching you in real time doing the movements. This has become an increasing issue as gyms, PTs and using instructors have decreased due to covid, and with many people not going back to face to face exercise making sure you are doing your exercise correctly is extremely important.  
Note, this is not a PT session, this involves me watching you via zoom doing your chosen exercise, your camera would need to show the whole body and I will make corrections to your form. 

If you are in a rehab plan this session can be used to remotely progress your rehabilitation.

Any questions please get in contact.